[Marxism] Militant, Spain etc

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Apr 6 18:35:06 MDT 2004

Fred wrote:
>One thing that has become to clear to me is that literature issued by
the English, French, Swedish, and other comrades for themselves would
not be worse for these countries than what the Militant is putting out
today -- allowing for the errors that inevitably get made when people do
their own thinking rather than accept the imposition of the errors of
others. Of course, these groups may not feel "strong enough" to put out
their own newspapers or propaganda at this point but, at this point,
is the SWP.   That's a fact that has to be faced.

Well, the word from the "Communist League" here in NZ is that even if
they were strong enough they wouldn't put out their own publication, coz
the 'Militant' is just so good.  Some years back an old mate of mine who
was, and sadly still is, in the outfit, told me in all seriousness what
a good "organising tool" the 'Militant' is.  He works in a meat factory
in Auckland, and exactly how this paper helps him organise among his
co-workers remains a mystery.  Except, of course, the ones in this
country, do no organising on the job, they are just book and paper

Before totally subordinating themselves to New York, this organisation
was one of the largest and liveliest on the left in NZ and had a
fortnightly 12-page paper that sold more copies in just NZ alone than
the 'Militant' currently sells globally!

Their numerical, political and moral collapse - I think they're now down
to single digit membership - is indicative of the disastrous effects of
Zinovievism in general and Barnes' variety of it in particular.

By contrast, the DSP, whatever their faults - and I've some important
disagreements with them - struck out on their own and grew and developed
as a serious left current which is probably bigger now than the US SWP,
despite Australia only being 1/14th of the population of the US.

Philip Ferguson

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