[Marxism] Iraq

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Apr 6 20:20:20 MDT 2004

Gary writes:
>I was interested to read on the Al Jazeera website, the Emir 
of Qatar's warning of the danger of civil war in Iraq.  Of 
course that is exactly wrong.  The real danger for the Emir 
and the Americans is not civil war but unity between the Shia 
and the Sunni.

>What we have seen over the past few days is the dreaded 
senario of Arab unity against imperialism. This is the 
spectre that haunts the imaginary of the British and the 
Americans and their Arab allies. If the current upsurge does 
indeed morph into a generalised resitance then the 
implications for the the "coalition of the willing" are truly 
frightening or wonderful, depending on one's point of view.  
I will go with wondeerful.

Yep, I'd go with wondeerful too.

Except I wouldn't so easily dismiss the possibility of civil war.

The imperialists could easily end up creating a situation in which Iraq
descends into civil war.  They've done it plenty of times in plenty of
other places, most recently Afghanistan.

I don't think it is their policy.  I'm sure they'd prefer a stable Iraq
under a reliable US proxy ruler.  But imperialist interventions have a
tendency to set off all kinds of unintended consequences and create very
messy situations and sometimes the imperialists will cut their losses
and leave the masses of the oppressed country to fight it out among

The urgent need in Iraq, surely, is a mass secular left movement to
challenge imperialism and offer a way forward, be it a radical
nationalist movement or a socialist movement.

Philip Ferguson

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