[Marxism] Marxists and Human Rights

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 6 23:30:02 MDT 2004

The "Human Rights" that imperialists champion are really bourgeois
liberties such as freedom of speech, not the necessities of human life. 
Under capitalism, the rich have the right to eat what they want. 
Imperialism privileges elites.  Rights?  Might is right.  Bourgeois
liberties and elite privilege are integral to capitalism, and are
therefore "inalienable rights" under the conditions of capitalism. 
However, such written rights can be suspended at whim (see "freedom of
expression" during the Red Witch Hunt, or now the "War on Terror", e.g.,
no-fly Americans, no habeus corpus, etc.).  The "universality" of "Human
Rights" serves only a propaganda purpose.  Imperialists use particular
"Human Rights" selectively as a weapons against certain countries deemed
by imperialists to be inimical to imperialist interests.  Focused
imperialist attacks directed at Cuba are cases in point.  Captialist
media make much of "Human Rights Violations/Abuse" in Cuba, but SLORC
never makes the pages of the Miami Herald.  Maybe some Marxist grad
students could glean the pages of the Herald's past couple of years to
compare and contrast column inches, as per Cuba:Burma, but why bother? 
We already know the ratio tips way over to castigation of Cuba and
totally off the other end of the beam on Burma.

Socialism is more just than capitalism.  Marxists champion universal
human rights starting with the essentials, and continue in that order
from most needed to least required by the most.  

>From each according to their ability;
    To each according to their need.

Critics of Marxism chide that their antagonists would prefer to destroy
excellence in favour of mediocrity for the masses, that Marxists
denigrate the individual while celebrating the amorphous crowd.  Maybe
they need an introduction to Marxist dialectics.

we shall have an association in which 
     the free development of each is the condition 
for the free development of all."
    --The Communist Manifesto.

The "Human Rights" I as a Marxist recognize is an overall condition of
quantity that is transformed into quality for each and all.  It is
initially and essentially materialist.  It has its feet on the earth, a
planet that belongs in common to us all .

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