[Marxism] RE: Protestantism and Socialism in N.I.

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 7 05:52:05 MDT 2004

Hi Phillip,
I agree- I was not trying to suggest that the PUP (who are of course 
loyalists) were a legitimately or resolutely socialist organisation. They 
are certainly not (although perhaps one should support any efforts members 
of their leadership make in combatting bigotry, assuming any such effort is 
My question, and maybe it is not serously enough thought out, was is it not 
possible to attract protestant workers to the socialist cause, that is, to a 
cause which fights for working class rights regardless of 'religion' or 
community background? I am not saying that I take seriously the PUPs claim 
to do this- I don't at all in the face of the evidence or their political 
program. Is it possible to unite protestant and catholic workers on a 
socialist basis without a common position being taken on the national 
question, or, is the very existence of a protestant 'nation' bound to 
totally negate that possibility?

>Calvin wrote in response to James D:
> >This is excellent, but is there any actualy harm doen in trying to win
>working class protestants to socialism whilst negelecting to discuss the
>national question? Doesn't support for socialism actively discourage
>from supporting the divisive actions of the 6 county capitalist class?
>I doubt any socialist republican has any problem with trying to win over
>working class Protestants.  However the PUP is not some harmless group
>of Protestant office cleaners or unemployed ex-shipyard workers.  It is
>a proto-fascist party which was set up by a sectarian murder group, the
>Inviting the PUP along has much in common with trying to win over
>working class Protestants as, say, inviting the Broederbond along to a
>left meeting would have in trying to win over white workers to the
>struggle against apartheid in South Africa in its time.

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