[Marxism] Blix: Iraq Worse Off Now Than With Saddam

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Wed Apr 7 07:11:15 MDT 2004

Published on Tuesday, April 6, 2004 
by the Associated Press

Blix: Iraq Worse Off Now Than With Saddam

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Iraq is worse off now, after the
U.S.-led invasion, than it was under Saddam Hussein, Hans
Blix told a Danish newspaper Tuesday.

"What's positive is that Saddam and his bloody regime is
gone, but when figuring out the score, the negatives weigh
more," the former chief U.N. weapons inspector was quoted
as saying in the daily newspaper Jyllands Posten.

"That accounts for the many casualties during the war and
the many people who still die because of the terrorism the
war has nourished," he said. "The war has liberated the
Iraqis from Saddam, but the costs have been too great."

Blix, whose inspection team didn't make any significant
weapons finds during months of searching Iraq before the
war, has sharply criticized the United States and Britain
for their invasion of Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein's

The primary reason given for the invasion was to rid the
country of weapons of mass destruction. None were found
during or after the invasion.

The former Swedish foreign minister currently heads a newly
created Stockholm-based independent commission on weapons
of mass destruction.

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