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The Irish Times, February 8, 2003
Aziz warns US will face a 'second Stalingrad'


One of President Saddam Hussein's right-hand men yesterday vowed to 
fight with his leader to defend Iraq, warning US and British troops that 
they would suffer all the horrors of the Battle of Stalingrad if they 

"We have a powerful army. We are ready to repulse the aggression," 
Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Tariq Aziz, told Izvestia newspaper.

"The Americans should realise that in Iraq death will be waiting for 
them around every corner.

"Stalingrad is a shining example of heroic defence. We know well the 
history of World War Two - Iraq will become a second Stalingrad for the 
American and British invaders," he said.


The Associated Press
Updated: 7:38 p.m. ET April  06, 2004FALLUJAH, Iraq - In a narrow alley, 
U.S. Marines pinned down by a hail of guerrilla fire sent up red smoke 
in a cry for help. Tanks pounded shell after shell into houses, while 
troops on the edge of the city crawled forward on their bellies, firing 
on insurgents.

U.S. forces faced a tough urban battle Tuesday in their drive to 
“pacify” one of Iraq’s most dangerous cities. Block by block, they 
fought their way into Fallujah, where Iraqi guerrillas killed four U.S. 
civilians and a mob mutilated their bodies last week.

After nightfall, troops held a swath several blocks deep in one corner 
of the city of 200,000 people, Marine Maj. Briandon McGolwan said.

U.S. forces called out a weapon rarely used against the Iraqi 
guerrillas: the AC-130 gunship, a warplane that circles over a target, 
laying down a devastating barrage of heavy machine-gun fire.

Tuesday evening, U.S. planes firing rockets destroyed four houses in two 
neighborhoods, witnesses said. The strike killed 26 Iraqis, including 
women and children, and wounded 30 others, said Rafie al-Issawi, a 
doctor at Fallujah General Hospital, where the casualties were taken. 
The deaths brought the total number of Iraqi dead Tuesday to 34, 
according to the hospital’s count.

U.S. pushes deeper into city

During the day, U.S. forces made their deepest excursion since the siege 
of Fallujah began Monday. Troops in Humvees and on foot pushed into 
central neighborhoods, trading fire with gunmen, before pulling back 
from the farthest points before dark, witnesses said.

full: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4667031/


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