[Marxism] response regarding the Militant

Lanasnest at aol.com Lanasnest at aol.com
Wed Apr 7 09:10:46 MDT 2004

Dear "Bebop",

   I fully support you.  I, too, believe that the difference that we can make 
in the world is by educating ourselves as broadly and open-mindedly as 
possible.  Truth does not come from only one source.  Basing our belief system 
solely by Marxmail is as potentially dangerous as only watching prime time news.  
We should be seeking truth in all its forms and then thoughtfully and 
intelligently toss out the crap, and hold onto the good.                               
P  ersonally, I believe that Carl Marx was indeed inspired by the force of 
truth, and love for his world...so, theoretically there should be no conflicts of 
interest in your "quest for truth and understanding."  The sources are 
irrelevant, and Walter's insistence that all truth comes from only ONE source scares 


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