[Marxism] Early Left Hook Mini-Release on Events in Iraq: Iraq's Intifada Begins

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Wed Apr 7 09:49:54 MDT 2004

Left Hook brings you an updated summary and analysis of the important 
recent developments in Iraq, including the newly announced Sunni-Shiite 
alliance and the latest round of clashes in Ramadi.

Later today a full edition of Left Hook will also be published online.


Regime Change, Resistance-Style: Iraq's Intifada Begins

| M. Junaid Alam |

Barely a year after America closed its eyes to reason, its greatest 
nightmare has arrived.

The neoconservative elites who launched America into war with lofty 
rhetoric about overthrowing Arab tyranny are now witnessing mass 
resistance against the most brutal tyranny in the region today - their 
own. The combination of a renewed insurgency in the Sunni center and an 
explosive popular rebellion in the Shiite center and south presents a 
damning indictment of America's colonial occupation of Iraq. As children 
in rags run in the streets to hurl stones at American tanks and as those 
tanks fire furiously into homes and buildings to crush a growing 
two-pronged rebellion, one thing above all seems clear: Iraqis demand 
real liberation, not Bush's farce. And they are willing to challenge the 
most powerful army in the world to win it.

- http://lefthook.org/Politics/Alam040804.html(Read full)

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