[Marxism] Marxists and Human Rights

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 7 10:49:33 MDT 2004

Bourgeois hegemony permeates every aspect of socialization in a
capitalist political economy.  We must seize upon the contradictions
inherent to capitalism, and insist that others note them as well --from
the personal to the public, by all means.  We should exploit those
weaknesses, but we should also emphasize and augment the countervailing
forces of a rational, humanist society, a.k.a., socialism.  You may hear
different socialists, from democratic socialists to foquistas, extol
their own particular tactics and strategies for revolution, but they
need not be mutually exclusive (although certain individuals bound into
absolutist sects may think so).  We cannot let them become
counteractive.  The movement toward socialism must set its sights on the
goal, and realize and accept the various ways and routes for our
multitudes.  Some of us are writers, some of us lift heavy things, some
stitch delicate ideas, some are like guerrillas, some are academics, but
we all are necessary; that is our creed.  Ultimately the people, the
masses of humanity, must make the revolution, that is: jettison the
injustices and insanities of capitalism in the process of the advent of
our new world.  The material conditions created by capitalism will
demonstrate its idiocy, its toxicity, it depravity, but we each do have
a role to play.  Because capitalism's stagger stimulates other more
reactionary upshots, mean-spirited chauvinistic consequences such as
fascism, Marxists must become agents in history for the furtherance of
benevolent vision, yet remain aware that fortitude is essential.  The
corruption of capitalism will stoop to any depths in its desperation. 
Our resolve is strengthened by our solidarity. 


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