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>One of the more damaging misunderstandings propagated by capital is that 
people are "naturally" competitive. I've heard this arise in conversation 
numerous times, and it is easily believable by folks not steeped in study of the 

Jayson Funke<


Whether people are "naturally" competitive or not inverts the question of 
property and positions the question as it is understood by the bourgeois 
ideologists. That man competes with himself and others as an impulse of self 
improvement, self realization and enlightenment cannot be confused with property and 
why 3 billion human beings live below any sane estimate of what is required to 
live a decent life on earth. 

We are not rally required to engage the bourgeois ideologists over questions 
of ideology. Marxists and communists workers are fighting over our vision of 
society and how to solve the urgent questions the people of the American Union 
are grappling with. 

American society is in the first phase of social revolution. We do not create 
the social revolution. Revolution comes about as a result of the development 
of the means of production. An antagonism develops between the new emerging 
economic relations and the old static political relations within the 
superstructure of the old society. This needs to be stated a million times so that old 
comrades and new people looking for solutions and the path forward can 
understand what is taking place. 

The emergence and development of a new technological regime - advanced 
robotics, computerization and digitalized production process, begins to dislocate 
and destroy the existing economy, which is the thing that our society is built 
upon. The economy that our society is built upon is an industrial economy with 
certain laws based in the buying and selling of labor power. The invasion of 
advanced robotics are destroying these laws, rendering labor power increasing 
superfluous and valueless and fencing off billions off people, outside the 
productive functions of the system of buying and selling. 

No society has been overthrown by the social or economic formations that 
exists as the basis of that society. Society is overthrown or compelled to leap to 
a new political basis by something external to the fundamental underpinning 
of the existing economy. We are in an era of social revolution unlike any of 
the social movements of the past century. 

The struggle between the basic classes that are intimately connected to the 
means of production and expressed the meaning of social relations of production 
- in the feudal period this was the serf and nobility, drove a qualitative 
stage of history along quantitatively. On this basis, this quality called 
feudalism - landed property relations, went through quantitative boundaries of 
expansion. The unity and strife between the serf and the nobility did not end that 
distinct qualitative stage of history, nor did it begin it. The serf and 
nobility evolved from something else. 

What brought the system of landed property relations as the dominant form of 
social relations to an end was the emergence of new classes called the 
bourgeoisie and proletariat, that were not an intimate part of the system of landed 
property. What created these new classes was the evolution and development of 
the technological regime. Then an epoch of social revolution unfolded. 

This is happening today and the peculiar circumstance of the propertyless, 
destitute and poverty stricken communist class is that it cannot enter the 
system of bourgeois production and compete for wages. What set of products can the 
poverty stricken and aid inflicted masses in Haiti place on the market for 
wages? What can the coffee producers place on the market for better wages when 
the more coffee that is produced drives down its price and the revolution in 
farming drives down the value of labor power and renders labor increasingly 
superfluous to production? What can the workers of the former Soviet Union place on 
the market to raise their standard of living? China is hitting the absolute 
barrier that is the wall of value. The wall of value means the buying and 
selling of labor power as the basis of eating and existing or consumption.  

War in this era cannot expand the market. There is no need to prove this 
theoretically because the masses are learning this truth in daily life as society 
races to the bottom. War means one thing and one thing only: destroying human 
beings rather than feed them in order for someone somewhere to make money. 
There is no shortage of money on earth. Rather this wealth is concentrated in the 
hands of property owners and those who are treated as property owners by 
virtue of their possession of money. 

We are not facing what in the past was called the crisis of overproduction as 
the industrial system - a distinct quality, went through its quantitative 
boundaries of expansion. What brings industrial society to an end is the 
revolution in the mode of production and the emergence of a new technological regime. 
It is not a question of industrial society going through endless quantitative 
expansion and magically transforming itself into a new mode of production. 

This is what defines the boundary of the industrial system. The emergence of 
the new technological regime begins the destruction of the existing society or 
the industrial classes that arose with it and creates new classes and social 
groupings in society. 

We have to put on our thinking caps and seize this moment of history. The 
revolution we are facing is much more than simply the overthrow of one class by 
another. We are talking about the radical reorganization of society and not a 
second edition of the Soviet Revolution, with its construction of an industrial 

Marx says that private property has made us stupid and prevents us from 
escaping consumption ideology. A human right cannot be based on exchange or what is 
the same a property relation. In order words the idea that a person must 
possess something to sell, in order to buy as the basis for a human right is a 
form of insanity. Today we are talking about the most fundamental human right the 
individual possess: the right to exists and share in the bounty of thousands 
of years of accumulation of technological, science and productive forces in 
general. Our communist vision of fundamental human rights has to be shaped into 
a doctrine that meets the requirements of the communist class. 

The block to meeting these requirements is the existence of private property, 
which demands that one sell their labor power as the only way to eat and 
drink clean water. Man ate before the advent of private property and will most 
surely eat after the demise of private property. All systems of production change 
and are compelled to change and give way to new qualities in society. 

Give the people what they want and need. 

Melvin P. 

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