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> 	Iraq's	Intifada Begins
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> Left Hook brings you an updated summary and analysis of the important 
> recent developments in Iraq, including the newly announced Sunni-Shiite 
> alliance and the latest round of clashes in Ramadi.
> Later today a full edition of Left Hook will also be published online.
> www.lefthook.org
> Regime Change, Resistance-Style: Iraq's Intifada Begins
> | M. Junaid Alam |
> Barely a year after America closed its eyes to reason, its greatest 
> nightmare has arrived.

Mr. Alam, 

I have to say if these events in Iraq are America's greatest
nightmare we are indeed speaking of "many eternal returns".  The Iraq 
occupation is most fully of a piece with the foreign-policy objectives
of the United States as they have been defined for roughly 200 years,
since the Barbary adventure: that is to say, the most "economical"
application of force necessary for the continuation of the American
political and economic system.  The failures of this "para-policing"
throughout history are well-documented, such that if we today are 
faced with crises both in Haiti (the historical locus of US intervention)
and Iraq I wonder whether this occasion indicates a somewhat 
wider-ranging "extension" for the term "intifada" than has previously 
obtained; i.e., whether we see here that social struggle in 
the Middle East implicitly contains critiques of the global economic 
order and its political ramifications more advanced than previously 
supposed by "the West".

What might this be?  Perhaps "shadow of a doubt" as to whether 
the US Army can be the "world's police force" all by its lonesome,
or must needs be incorporating the demands of the world system 
"at an instant" in pursuing its agenda of "democratization";
such that the failures of these interventions indicate a 
maelstrom of new social forces coming to bear upon exploited persons,
rather than a malevolent agency (less than *simpliciter*) as the
essence of the US regime at home and abroad.  Or not, such that
failure to bring Iraqis under a non-despotic administration indicates 
fundamental flaws in US state power as it is currently exercised
"across the board" (an occasion for quite genuine reflection as to
the proper scope and extent of government in light of its proclaimed
mission, that is to say something like a "Copernican revolution"
with respect to our expectations from duly-appointed representatives
of liberal democracies).


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