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Wed Apr 7 16:32:18 MDT 2004

>For another view on Elbaum's book, go to Loren Goldner's review at <
>http://home.earthlink.net/~lrgoldner/elbaum.html >.
>Paul F

Everybody else on the left has screwed up apparently except this one-man 
sect. Just read this self-important, name-dropping garbage:

Rosa Luxemburg and everything she stood for (including her memorable 
writings-no doubt Eurocentric-- on primitive accumulation in the colonial 
world and her rich material on pre-capitalist societies everywhere in 
Einfuehrung in die Nationaloekonomie) meant nothing to these people. Her 
critiques of Lenin, in the earliest months of the Russian Revolution (not 
to mention before 1914), and of the right to national self-determination, 
did not exist. Elbaum and his friends were not interested in the 
revolutionaries who had criticized Lenin during the latter's lifetime (or 
at any point), and they remained blissfully unaware of Bordiga, Gorter, and 
Pannekoek. The philosophical critiques of Korsch and Lukacs similarly meant 
nothing to them. They never heard of the 1940's and 1950's CLR James, Raya 
Dunayevskaya, the early Max Shachtman, Hal Draper, the French group 
Socialism or Barbarism, Paul Mattick Sr., Maximilien Rubel, the Italian 
workerists, Ernst Bloch, or Walter Benjamin. They seriously argued for the 
aesthetics of China's four "revolutionary operas" and songs such as "The 
Mountain Brigade Hails The Arrival of the Night Soil Carriers" while the 
serious Marxist world was discovering the Frankfurt School (whatever the 
latter's limitations) and Guy Debord.

Louis Proyect
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