[Marxism] Re: Iraq should cost Aussie PM his job, says conservative big shot

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Wed Apr 7 21:53:49 MDT 2004

Bob, I agree Latham's statement is significant and I agree we should call
for the return of a Labor Government. But then I always thought that -- as
does most of the far left, contrary to what you say. The debate is over
who, in Australia's preferential system, gets our first preference.

But the real weakness in what you write is that it's entirely electoral.
Your hero is Mark Latham. But Latham is only taking this stand because

1. we built mass anti-war demonstrations which polarised the issue. You
don't mention this at all.
2. sections of the bourgeoisie are also open to the idea of getting out of
Iraq. Latham has become more aggressive about all this now that bourgeois
commentators all over the place are admitting the occupation is a fiasco.
We can reasonably assume that the apparent unity among federal Liberal MPs
is only maintained by strict party discipline, and that privately more than
a few of them think it's a fiasco too.

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