[Marxism] Re: Iraq should cost Aussie PM his job...

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Thu Apr 8 00:39:10 MDT 2004

Oh dear, Bob -- you complain, and not for the first time, of being
insulted. Am I dreaming, or is this the same Comrade Gould who informed us
a while back what a thick skin he has? 

And all because I said Latham was your “hero” in a turn of phrase that was
clearly not meant literally. But let’s look again at what you wrote...
Latham “seems willing to risk the antagonism of powerful figures such as
Murdoch, and in fact the antagonism of the whole of the conservative
political and media establishment” and he does so despite a decline in the
polls. We have a “division between the Labor leader, backed by just about
the whole labour movement, and the whole of the conservative

Now doesn’t that sound heroic? 

Yes Bob I know you were in the anti-war movement; the question is, how come
the anti-war movement wasn’t in your recent post?

You refer to “Tom's formulation about how we may see a sudden emergence of
significant forces on the Tory side of politics who may come out against
the Iraq War”. Actually I didn’t predict anyone “coming out”. All I said
was: “We can reasonably assume that the apparent unity among federal
Liberal MPs is only maintained by strict party discipline, and that
privately more than a few of them think it's a fiasco too.” Note the word
“privately”. This seems a fairly safe bet to me.

I have no idea what you mean by the “direct physical influence of the
anti-war movement”, but I’m talking about its political influence which is
considerable even though the movement ebbed fairly rapidly. No one has
forgotten it, including Latham. On its own it would not be a key factor
right now, but events on the ground in Iraq are lending those memories a
considerable political power.

Finally, you wrote: “The Tories in Australia, all of them in the
Parliament, stuck to the Vietnam War to the bitter end.”

No they didn’t. They set about bringing the troops home, well before
Whitlam came to power. The public bravado of MPs is not a very good index
of what the ruling class really thinks.

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