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James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Thu Apr 8 02:23:00 MDT 2004

I am fascinated by someone who was a member of a party which called
for aligning itself with the Warsaw Pact, but derides advocacy in
one's maximum programme for the establishment of socialism as a
"Stalinist" deviation of advocating "socialism in one country."

I will also add, in passing, that the IRSP dubs itself a revolutionary
socialist party and acknowledges its analysis as being rooted in
Marxism. It is not a Leninist party per se, though many members are
Leninists. We use the term "multi-tendencied" to describe the fact
that we are composed of Marxists of various orientations (I, for
example, come from a Council Communist orientation), bound together by
their revolutionary rejection of capitalism and the principles of
republican socialism.

Forwarded from IRSP
Comrade Cockshott dismisses the concept of the six counties being
exploited by imperialism, as if it had an organic heritage as a
distinct national entity, rather than having existed as a distinct
territory only since the 1920s. I assume this is because he realises
that dismissing the legacy of colonialism and imperialism in Ireland
as a whole to be incapable of being supported, so instead he speaks of
the integration of Belfast into the UK's former "industrial
powerhouse". By doing so, he rather deliberately obscures the origins
of the present contradiction over the status of the six counties, but
it won't wash. The establishment of the six county statelet was
nothing more than an attempt by Britain to save what it could in the
midst of an anti-colonial revolution, accomplished through the
relinquishing of Ulster's other three counties, to permit the maximum
amount of territory and populace to be retained by artificially
constructing a unionist majority. This process is at the heart of the
national liberation struggle continuing in the northwest of Ireland
and can only be understood if the history of the six counties is
viewed within the context of Irish history as a whole.

Regarding his personal views on the correctness of viewing Scotland
and Ireland as viable socialist republics, this was not the subject of
the statement which prompted these exchanges. That statement was
directed at the SSP, a party who do  view an independent Scottish
socialist republic as viable, as can be deduced by their programme. We
in the IRSP merely asked that they adopt the same position in relation
to Ireland. Comrade Cockshott's personal opinions were not addressed.
Nor will they be addressed here, as we are confident from the fact
that his views were not adopted by the majority of his own party, that
most in the SSP already understand the colonial/imperialist
relationship between Britain and both Ireland and Scotland.

Peter Urban

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