[Marxism] SSP not inviting the IRSP...

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Thu Apr 8 05:13:59 MDT 2004

At 03:30 AM 4/8/2004, DoC wrote:
 >perhaps the fact that the SSP didn't invite
 >the Irps or the swimmies is because they are
 >micro-groups in comparison with Sinn Fein.

Your use of the term "micro-group" is, in my opinion, petty and politically 
sectarian.  Of course the IRSP and the SWP as radical socialist parties are 
smaller, but then the SSP is also smaller than the bourgeois parties in 
Scotland.  I think it's absurd for anyone on a list such as this to attack 
radical socialist parties for being smaller than their bourgeois counterparts.

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