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Lüko's suggestion is right on the money, from my viewpoint.

Another key writing to consider is The Origin of the Family, Private 
Property and the State by Frederick Engels, also introduced by Evelyn Reed, 
and also available from Pathfinder Press.

There are also a variety of other articles that some googling can conjure 
up off the web, using a variety of combined keywords starting with 

- Steve

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>   ueber  [Marxism] Origin of Marriage
>m> Does anyone know of any texts or online material that
>m> I use to trace the orgin of marriage as a social
>m> institution.
>   I suggest Evelyn Reed's Book "Womens Evolution" and the collection
>of articles of her in the book "Sexism and Science". Both are being
>published and available from Pathfinder Press:
>   http://www.pathfinderpress.com
>   She is treating exactly all the questions you posed.
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