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A CNN poll right this minute is showing 43% calling for withdrawal from
Iraq.  Check the last few days' updates at www.bringthemhomenow.org.
Things are light years worse than they are being reported.  The
aggressive operations of the US are NOT offensive in nature, except in
the strictest technical sense.  They are defensive.  If the US forces
were to simply hunker down right now, as has been their wont to do (and
let Blackwater, et al, run convoys), they would be quickly fixed in
multi-focal encirclements... a swarm.  The political situation has
always been desperate.  It is now mirrored in the tactical situation.
In the game of GO, a game of positions, there is something called a
dragon's tail.  If there is a tactical alliance developed between the
North and South, this tail could snake between the coalition bases
across Iraq, and it would take 500,000 just to keep the roads open for

This will likely now become a much more ruthless war.

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Itar-Tass reports:

According to reports coming here, the U.S. military
command in Iraq has already asked for reinforcement.
The Pentagon has not made an official decision so far,
but a report came that the replacement by fresh troops
of 24,000 U.S. officers and men, planned for the
current week, has been postponed, and they will stay
in Iraq for an indefinite period of time.


Is anyone tracking how this is affecting opinion within the US?
Presumably the soldiers are going to be pissed off at not being able to 
leave, but their families and, in the case of reservists, employers, are 
going to be affected too. Are there any estimates of how a deepening 
crisis in Iraq will impact the "home front"?




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