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Just to offer another perspective.  I was raised as a Mormon.  It was 
all "Americana" bullshit, but what many don't realize is that the 
Mormons, through their early years of suffering tremendous persecution 
Andnear extinction, literally survived by living "plural marriage."
sending the few remaining  men that they had to fight in the
war...they survived by living  what they called the "United Order."  In
it, all 
Was consecrated to their leader...rich and poor alike, and it was then
according to need.Also, all talents and professions were volunteered to
the "whole."  
Sound familiar?

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Response Jim C: This is a nice and sanitized version of Mormonism. First
of all, the Mormons, like the Pilgrims, gave out a whole lot more
"persecution" than they were recipients of it. Secondly, their
"theology", once you get into it (Mormons, like all cults are brought
into the faith in stages) is some really sick, twisted, racist and
arrogant filth. For example, from one former Mormon missionary ("I got
deeper and deeper into the heart of the Mormon Church and found out it
had no heart.") According to two of their "Prophets, Seers and
Revelators" (Spencer Kimball and Gordon Hinkley) Indian children, when
in Mormon "care", see their skins turning lighter and "more delightsome"
and even see their "DNA change." They have definite Masonic/Illuminati
origins and some of their inner rituals are taken from the Masonics
(Joseph Smith was a 32-degree Mason as well as a con man, violator of
the wives of other Mormons and just a low-life piece of shit.

This cult, and that is exactly what it is, is an extremely arrogant,
predatory, manipulative and proto-fascist cult with no real
"communalism" (except among some of the inside elect).


I am new to the list. I joined in hopes that maybe I could help right
some of the wrongs that I have done.

I officially left the Mormon Church aka LDS Church (officially known as
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) six years ago after
having been most faithful in that organization my entire 47 year life
span. I am just glad that I finally woke up before it was too late. I
fulfilled a two year mission to Guatemala and El Salvador in the early
1970's where I taught the local indigenous people that they were
descended from the jews of Jerusalem around 600 B.C. when a prophet
there was commanded by God to sail to the Americas and populate that
hemisphere. I also taught them that after those people arrived a few of
them turned against Jehovah and that God cursed them with a dark skin,
but that if their descendants repented in the last days, their skin
would become white and delight some. 

This story is the foundation for the Book of Mormon, which mormons call
scripture. I later became a professional social worker and spent about 3
years of my time on and off helping run a Native American Placement
program within the LDS Church that took children from 8 to 18 years of
age from off of the reservations in the South West of the United States
and placed them in LDS homes in Utah for education and church training.
I deeply regret being so naive, misinformed and stupid for having bought
into this heinous behavior, but at the time I felt I was doing God's
work. I remember feeling sickened and nauseated while watching the
movie, "The Emerald Forest" which depicts catholic fathers decimating an
indigenous tribe with all their bull shit.
The mormons still preach this racists doctrine and place thousands of
copies of the Book of Mormon each year. Unfortunately, the mormon are
growing very rapidly in Mexico, Central and South America among the
native people there. If you do not know this, I am posting here to warn
you that this insidious practice continues and is gaining momentum.
I currently can not stomach being associated with or involved with any
organized religions.
  Steven   aka Cricket

 Jim C.

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