[Marxism] The stuff of novels and film

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Alabama bus fare activists, however, were wary of the Texan who showed up as
if from nowhere; they thought that he was an FBI agent. Stanford¹s
arrangement with the Party ­ like a scene from a movie about the French
Resistance ­ was that he was to stay out of view for six months, then place
a classified ad in the leading daily newspaper, saying that he had lost a
meerschaum pipe. The person who called to report the discovery of the
meerschaum, the plan went, would become his contact with the Party.

Stanford placed the ad and a young woman called. He asked her to meet him at
the diner on a Sunday morning, when business was slow. Joanna Tylee walked
in, she recalls, and upon seeing the Texan whom she remembered from the bus
fare meetings, thought that she had walked into a trap.

The pipe plot had a happy ending: Joanna Tylee is today Jo Stanford.

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