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April 8 2004

International Occupation Watch Center

Occupied Baghdad

To the peoples of the world and their representatives at the United Nations,

The Iraqi people call for international solidarity as they resist US-led
Occupation Forces attacks. It is clear that these attacks are designed to
terrorize the entire populations of Iraqi towns and neighborhoods.

Over three hundred Iraqis have been reported killed in Fallujah alone,
uncounted numbers elsewhere and hundreds more injured since attacks began on
Sunday. The attacks are being resisted by asymmetrical
weapons. Iraqi cities and neighborhoods have been bombed indiscriminately by
missiles, tanks, F16, Apaches.Baghdad (Sadr, Adaamiya, Shula, Yarmok),
Falluja, Ramadi, Basrah, Nasiriya, Kerbala, Amarah, Kut, Kufa, Najaf,
Diwaniya, Balad, Baquba . Family homes, hospitals, mosques, ambulances
trying to transport the injured are being bombed and fired at by Occupation
Forces' guns and tanks.

Falluja and Adaamiya are currently being held under siege, surrounded by
Occupation Forces, in contravention of the Geneva Convention that prohibits
holding civilian communities under siege. Hospitals do not have access to
sufficient medical aid, essential medicine and equipment or blood supplies.
In Falluja, the hospitals have been surrounded by soldiers so doctors have
established field hospitals in private homes. Blood donors are not allowed
to enter, so mosques in both Baghdad and Falluja are collecting blood for
the injured. Water and electricity have been cut off for the past several

In Sadr City, US helicopters have shot rockets into residential areas,
destroying family homes. Although no curfew has officially been imposed, US
soldiers have made a practice of aiming tank fire on cars they find moving
through the streets after dark. On Tuesday night alone, at least 6 people
were killed in this way. US forces continue to occupy and surround all the
police stations and the Sadr offices.

While these attacks have escalated sharply over the past week, they are in
no way a new phenomenon in occupied Iraq. The indiscriminate killing of
civilians and the refusal to provide people with security, electricity and
decent medical infrastructure have characterized the 'freedom' that
Occupation Authorities have brought to Iraq .

We call on the international community, civil society and the
anti-war/anti-occupation movements to respond to this US-led war of terror
with tangible displays of solidarity and support for Iraqi people facing
this gruesome manifestation of the occupation.

Please take to the streets to demand an end to the US-led aggression.
Organize protests in front of US consulates and embassies around the world
and require an immediate end to this massacre, an immediate end to the siege
of Iraqi cities and neighborhoods, and immediate access to humanitarian and
medical aid organizations seeking to provide assistance to Iraqi people who
are living under attack.

Cities in which demonstrations have already been organized include Milan,
Montreal, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York
City, Tokyo, Istanbul ...

To contact the International Occupation Watch Center in Baghdad, please call

001 914 360-9079 or 001 914 360-9080. You can also email

eman at occupationwatch.org

paolagasparoli at hotmail.com


Headlines from today's Amy Goodman's War and Peace Report

Listen or read the transcripts (see link below)

- Sadr Followers Take Over Three Cities
- U.S. Kills Up to 280 Iraqis in Falluja
- U.S. Downplays Iraqi Resistance
- Sen. Byrd Calls for U.S. To Exit Iraq
- China, Iran and U.S. World's Top Executioners
- Gov't Forces Reporters To Delete Tape of Scalia Speech



April 7, 2004

* Battles Rage Across Iraq As U.S. Comes Face To Face With a Unified Armed
Resistance *

Resistance to the U.S. occupation in Iraq intensified for a fourth day in
cities and town across Iraq bringing the death toll to at least 20 U.S.
soldiers and over 150 Iraqis. Hundreds more have been wounded. We go to Iraq
to get a report from the ground form Aaron Glantz of Free Speech Radio News
and Pratap Chatterjee of CorpWatch.org.


* The Roots of Resistance: Why The U.S. Faces a Joint Shia, Sunni Uprising
in Iraq *

A nightmare situation for the US is beginning to emerge with Sunni and
Shiite Muslims joining together for the first time to oppose the U.S.
occupation. We speak with author and Voices in the Wilderness founder Milan
Rai about the causes for armed resistance from both Sunni and Shia Iraqis
across the country.


* The Other War: Pentagon's Own Report On Afghanistan Invasion Blasts U.S.
War Strategy *

A report commissioned by the Pentagon on the invasion of Afghanistan was
turned away after it concluded there was a wide gap between how the White
House represented the war and what was actually taking place. We speak with
the New Yorker's Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh who says,
"It's a great trifecta for this administration. In three-and-a-half years of
office, we have destroyed Afghanistan, destroyed Iraq and we are in the
process of destroying the UN too."


* Witnesses: U.S. Special Forces Trained and Armed Haitian Anti-Aristide
Paramilitaries in D.R. *

As Colin Powell returns from his one-day visit to Haiti, we speak with
criminal justice professor Dr. Luis Barrios about his trip to the Dominican
Republic where he says lawyers, journalists, and Dominican soldiers all
claim 200 U.S. Special Forces were in the country to train the so-called
Haitian rebel forces before going into Haiti to depose Aristide.


* Headlines for April 7, 2004 *

- Iraqi Resistance Intensifies; 12 Marines Killed in Ramadi
- Sadr Supporters Take Control of Najaf
- Sunnis & Shiites Join Forces to Oppose Occupation
- U.S. Kills 60 Iraqis in Fallajah
- Bush Defends Iraq Plan; Bremer Dismisses Vietnam Comparisons
- Sen. Hagel: U.S. Near Losing Control in Iraq
- Hans Blix: Iraq Was Better off Under Saddam


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Thursday, April 8

* The First Lady of the Press: Democracy Now! speaks with veteran White
House correspondent Helen Thomas about the current state of the media and
the Bush administration.

* Longtime Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk reports on the Iraqi
uprising against U.S. occupation.

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