[Marxism] Situation in Iraq according to BBC

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 9 04:46:47 MDT 2004

  Now apparently II Duce Bremmer has "declared a ceasefire" in 
Fallujah, obstensibly to allow "aid" to come into the area, although 
I imagine the real intention is to in the short term neutralize one 
sector of the resistance until the point in which the rest of the 
country has been again "pacified" and then to resume the killing 
spree in Fallujah: 



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> A chairde,
> Just thought that I'd let you know what the more insightful TV news has been 
> saying in Britain.
> BBC Newsnight yesterday did a very detailed presentation of the situation in 
> Fallujah. They connected TV footage of US positions to satellite photos of 
> the town. It is clear that the US marines have established a 'cordon 
> sanataire' around the city and are getting Iraqi 'defense forces' to do the 
> dirty work of searching Iraqis passing through the lines.
> They intimated that the US forces would suffer serious casualties if they 
> were to try to take the city itself.
> The show also detailed something else possibly more serious for the US. That 
> is it appears that the Ukrainians, Poles and Japanese have all done informal 
> 'non-aggression' agreements with the Mehdi militias. The Spanish are backing 
> off entirely. The Italians have agreed to not go into the centre of their 
> city in return for the MA not brandishing weapons openly there. The Brit 
> Army strongly denies that it has negotiated at all with the rebels in Basra.
> Also some Rep US Senator came on and discussed the need to bring Al-Badr to 
> the negotiating table. Obviously, at some level the US ruling class is 
> facing up to the realities that they are losing hold of Iraq and they will 
> try to 'buy' the Shia back on board.
> Is mise
> DOC.
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