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> More like: Marx is the theorist of bouleversement.

No.  I was speaking of music, and of that music which would be played 
on the boulevards of 19th-century Paris: light, but with limited traces 
of the province.  Marx is not anti-psychiatric: Marx is the theoretician
of modernity's superiority, and the case is stated massively and 
*positively*, that is to say...  

> E.g.:
> Ce bouleversement continuel de la production, ce constant ébranlement de
> tout le système social, cette agitation et cette insécurité perpétuelles
> distinguent l'époque bourgeoise de toutes les précédentes.
> - Le Manifeste du Parti Communiste

The encouraged reading of this obscured passage is para-politics of the 
Situationist type, but continual revolution in the mode of production is
not in itself to be disparaged (the point snuck in after the Audensian
note we are apparently expected to end on) and its negative effects are
> "...the mark of economic privilege is the *sotto voce*
> turn of the screw, not the "plainsong" of debate..."
> Yes, quite so, and well said (if one were to go off on a tangent).  I
> would better have said, as it would have been more specific, that "the
> *apologists/media/mouthpieces/et hoc genus omne* pour les bourgeois
> grands blah-blah..." and so on. I stand corrected.

No, it is well said as it stands: a tangent would be the squash game
many interactions with the privileged seem to refer back to.  You
can stand to speak English here, as well as drop desultory references
to those grand-bourgeois such as you are not personally acquainted with
and publicists (such as yourself) generally.  Perhaps I will go on
struggling for free speech; it would suit me very well to print material 
entirely according to my taste, for those entirely suited to reading it, 
and there was a time when I watched such things with a less alert eye.


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