[Marxism] Another Disgraceful Article from "The Militant"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 9 07:42:40 MDT 2004

David53 Altman wrote:
>> From the latest issue of "The Militant," 
>> (http://www.themilitant.com/), an 
> article more interesting for what it doesn't say than for what it does. 
> Barnes & Co. can't really say that there is no Iraqi Resistance anymore, 
> so they just walk aroiund the issue, talking about "protests" and so forth.

Speaking of disgraces:


Statement of the Political Bureau: About Recent Events

The recent tragic and grave developments, which have taken place during
the past few days in several cities in Iraq and resulted in hundreds of
people killed and wounded, have only intensified the suffering of Iraqis
and deepened their already sore wounds.

It is quite clear that these developments do not serve, in any way, the
country's stability, and will not help to resolve any of its numerous
problems, but rather will lead to further deterioration of conditions on
all levels: political, security and social. If this course of events is
persistently maintained, the people will then find themselves in a
vortex of violence and violations of the law with unpredictable
consequences and an extremely negative impact on the current main
objective of Iraqi people: to take control of power from the occupation
forces on 30 June.

We condemn violence and terror in all forms and shades leading to
bloodshed of innocent people as well as destruction of national assets.
At the same time we call upon everybody to maintain peace, exercise
self-restraint and handle issues wisely and prudently. Law must be
respected as the arbiter in all spheres of life. Furthermore, the
discourse of democratic dialogue must be adopted as civilised effective
means for resolving existing problems and settling differences and
conflicting opinions, rather than extremism, bigotry and pressures to
impose unjust diktat.

It is imperative to arrive at speedy sensible solutions for the current
crisis in order to avert the harmful political repercussions and
consequences on security, thus eliminating convenient ground for
external hostile forces, terrorists and criminals among supporters and
beneficiaries of the dictatorial regime. Only then can the Iraqi people
direct their efforts to achieve the central task: to prepare for taking
their affairs into their own hands at the end of next June, accelerate
the elimination of the vestiges of dictatorship and build a democratic
peaceful federal Iraq.

Political Bureau of the Central Committee

Iraqi Communist Party

Baghdad 7-4-2004


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