[Marxism] IRA Easter Message 2004

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Fri Apr 9 07:48:12 MDT 2004

The leadership of Óglaigh na hÉireann extends fraternal greetings to all
Volunteers, to republican activists and to our supporters and friends at
home and abroad.

We send solidarity greetings to our imprisoned comrades and their

On this, the 88th anniversary of the 1916 Rising, we especially remember
our patriot dead and extend solidarity to their families. We commemorate
the freedom fighters of all generations who have given their lives for
Irish freedom.

Ten years ago, we declared a complete cessation of military operations
to enhance the democratic peace process. We stated our belief that an
opportunity to secure a just and lasting settlement had been created.
Our cessation was not only a definitive and powerful signal of our
commitment to that process, it was also a defining moment in the recent
history of this island.
We stated that others, especially the British Government, had a duty to
face up to their responsibilities.

In an attempt to deflect from the significance of our initiative and
evade their responsibilities, the British Government of that time and
the political leaderships of unionism became fixated with achieving the
surrender of the IRA. They failed and despite their opposition the peace
process was created.

In the period since, the IRA leadership has consistently demonstrated
our commitment to advancing the process through a series of substantive
initiatives, which have included:

 Authorising our representative to meet with the Independent
International Commission on Decommissioning (IICD).

 Facilitating the inspection of IRA arms dumps by the International
Inspectors on three separate occasions.

 Agreeing a scheme with the IICD on putting arms completely and
verifiably beyond use.

 Implementing the agreed scheme on three separate occasions.

Throughout the ten years of our cessation there has been very serious
provocation from British securocrats, their military forces and their
allies in unionist paramilitarism.

In the same period, others within the British and Irish establishments
have persisted with the idea of defeating republicans rather than moving
forward. They are now on an offensive. The old conservative agenda has

The unionist paramilitaries are responding to that. IRA guns remain
silent, despite an onslaught of unionist paramilitary violence against
Catholics, including hundreds of attacks and a number of killings over
the last year.

Today also, we are witnessing another attempt to criminalise and
demonise republicans and the republican struggle. This time it is for
selfish electoral reasons. Leading this are Irish politicians who stood
idly by while Irish citizens, North and South, were being terrorised by
the RUC, the British Army and their surrogates in the unionist death

Twenty-three years ago, the men and women in the H-Blocks and Armagh
Gaol defeated the policy of criminalisation. Ten Irish republicans died
on Hunger Strike in defence of the integrity of the republican struggle.
This new attempt will also fail.

Last October, agreements were made and commitments given. The IRA
leadership fulfilled our commitments. The leadership of the Ulster
Unionist Party and the two governments did not fulfil theirs. They acted
in bad faith. Yet again the two governments are attempting to move the
goalposts. This has caused justifiable anger. It is unacceptable that
other protagonists should try to dictate the terms of our cessation.

The honouring of agreements and commitments is critical in instilling
confidence and demonstrating that politics can work. They are essential
elements of building an enduring political process.

The two governments, and in particular the British Government, must
fulfil their commitments. Until they do so there can be little prospect
of any progress.

Beirigí bua.

P O'Neill,

Irish Republican Publicity Bureau,


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