[Marxism] Marxists and Human Rights

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 9 10:45:46 MDT 2004

"... we are being DE sensitized to human suffering by 
seeing constant displays of violence from the media."

Video games kids play are packed with gore and brutality, along with the
movies.  Reality has become perceived as a game: many described the
greenish footage of the first US bomb&missile attack on Baghdad in 1991
as having the appearance of a video game.  The #1 most popular on-line
video game today is the recruitment vehicle for the US Army, a game of
kill-or-be-killed that critics say has sanitized violence, wounding
(think of a paper cut, or a metal splinter in your eye, or your genitals
torn off the trunk of your soft flesh, crushed lungs, a scald, burning
to death, crippled and in pain forever, mutilated and ugly eternally, no
hope for ...: but not a KIA number!) and ripping the life out of a
fellow human.  
Did you ever see that Robin Williams' movie "TOYS" ?  Prescient.

Empathy for the "other" must be snuffed for the empire to expand.
Belivers don't have to care anyway because God will sort it out.

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