[Marxism] A former Cuban prisoner: HUMAN RIGHTS MYTHS

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 9 13:28:41 MDT 2004

Alberto N. Jones DVM
cacf2 at aol.com 
April 6, 2004

The fact that Mr. Pedro Pablo Alvarez, one of the 75 so
called dissidents that was recently convicted and sentenced
to 25 years in jail in Cuba for engaging in destabilizing
activities against his country, for following instructions
from the United States Interest Section in Havana, and for
receiving monies in exchange for such services, is no
reason for the Cuban penitentiary system not to allow him
to attend his mother's funeral, which is standard procedure
in Cuba.

This apparently newsworthy information that have been
reproduced by many media outlets around the world, denotes
the lack of information about Cuba in general and its
judicial system in particular.

Desperately in search of arguments to extract a
condemnation against Cuba at the United Nations Human
Rights Commission in Geneva, an army of US State Department
officials, are crisscrossing the world, buying consciences,
coercing, blackmailing, threatening or bribing a number of
small, weak or demoralized countries, in order for them to
present a resolution against Cuba.

Years ago, it was the United States itself who would
present these resolutions, until its own terrible human
rights violations forced it to recluse itself. Then they
were able to enlist the Check Republic for a few years,
followed by Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile and others with
equally questionable record of their own.

On the verge of running out of "messengers," some heavy arm
twisting have placed Honduras on the front burner, even
though, as the President of that country declared his
servile intention, his wife was in Cuba, requesting more
medical and educational assistance for her country.

Such insistence in obtaining a condemnation of Cuba, does
not make sense to those unrelated to these issues. Suffice
to know, that this crucial evidence could be used as the
basis -remember Iraq- by the United States government, for
"liberating" the Cuban people from such gross violations.

In response to numerous hired pens and paid "mourners" of
incarcerated Cubans, who have recently published a plethora
of articles related to the abusive penitentiary system in
Cuba, I wish to express the following: that I was
incarcerated for four and a half years (1974-79) in
Boniato, Santiago de Cuba, and nothing that has been said,
written and published, has anything to do with the Cuban
penitentiary system.

In fact, after speaking with a number of people that I met
during those years in jail in Cuba, who also came to the
United States and for one reason or another ended up in
jail in this country, have concluded unanimously, that
except for the food, air conditioning and color TV, for
every year in prison in the United States, they would
gladly trade it for three years in a Cuban jail.

The lack of re-education programs, institutional violence,
sexual perversion, stigma, drug infestation, human
degradation, recidivism etc., are just some of the social
ills that have turned the penitentiary system in the United
States into Crime Academies. Those responsible for these
activities in the United States, would be well advised to
visit Cuba, learn from their comprehensive re-educational
programs and humanize our decrepit system.

Sadly, these sociologists, researchers, humanists etc.,
that have focus intensely on the Cuban prison system, have
never raised their voices in defense of tens of thousands
of men, women and children that are hopelessly rotting in
our human warehouses, many of whom, are there for crimes
they did not commit or are victims of our historically
biased and unfair judicial system, that has always been
ready to railroad the poor, minorities or the voiceless.

Ironically, it is here, in the United States, the world
bastion of Human Rights, where people have been kept in
cages like beast, in shackles, in solitary confinement,
without legal representation, minors are convicted to life
in prison without parole, or mentally retarded individuals
are executed, while tens of others have been knowingly
convicted of rape and other crimes they did not commit.

While Mr. Roger Noriega, Otto Reich, Abrams, Bolton, 
Powell and tens of others rabid anti-Cubans, bent on the
destruction of that country, spend most of their time
running around the world or buying adherence for their
despicable cause, the average American citizen would be so
much better off, if they would devote an infinitesimal
portion of their time and intellect, to any of the hundreds
of intractable social disasters, that have placed the
survival of this nation on the line.

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