[Marxism] Democrats call for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq

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Fri Apr 9 14:02:26 MDT 2004

(If anyone has any doubts about where the sympathies 
of the Cuban leaders are in the coming US presidential 
elections, this is a good place to take a close look.
Yes, it seems Spanish fever is spreading west...

(Here is Senator Robert Byrd's commentary:
Here is Senator Edward Kennedy's commentary:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CubaNews/message/24632 )

Walter Lippmann

Havana. April, 9 2004
Democrats call for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq

WASHINGTON (PL).-The escalation of Iraqi resistance actions
against the U.S. occupation forces has mobilized Democrat
leaders, who are demanding a withdrawal strategy from the
White House. According to Thursday's edition of The
Washington Times, members of the opposition are criticizing
the Bush administration position of increasing troops in
response to the insurgents.

According to Senator Robert Byrd, one of the higher-ranking
Democrats in the Senate, the White House committed a
monumental error in the invasion of Iraq and on no account
should it increase the number of troops deployed there.
Instead of that, a strategy of withdrawal should be drawn
up, Byrd emphasized, affirming that he is definitely not
the only person to perceive shades of Viet Nam in this
militaristic adventure.

The senator's opinions were supported by his colleague
Senator Edward Kennedy, for whom Iraq is George W. Bush's
Viet Nam, given that it has already created a lagoon of
lack of credibility in the president on the part of U.S.

The previous day John Kerry, the Democratic presidential
candidate, said that the situation in Iraq is a massive
failure of diplomacy and judgement by the Bush

They are handling it in a frankly inept manner, affirmed
the Massachusetts senator in an interview with the Cable
News Network.

In Kerry's opinion, the president needs to stand up and
acknowledge that there are difficulties and that the world
needs to be involved; he should reverse his policy.

The aspirant, who became one of the principal activists
against the Vietnam war after fighting in it, commented
that he had not seen such arrogance in U.S. foreign policy
since that period.

On Thursday The New York Times circulated a statement from
Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, who assured that he was about
to increase the number of its troops in Iraq in an attempt
to crush the resistance to the foreign occupation.

That reinforcement could amount to thousands and the plans
are already being implemented, Rumsfeld stated.

The United States has more than 130,000 troops in Iraq and
that force could grow by a few thousand or possibly far
more, the daily revealed.

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