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  ueber  [Marxism] The Insurrection in Irag

  Actually Alan Wood is writing:

AW> Under Saddam Hussein the ruling clique, drawn from the minority Sunni
AW> community, ruled with an iron fist, suppressing the aspirations of
AW> the Shiites (60 percent of the population) and Kurds. By destroying
AW> the central power, the US-led invasion inevitably gave rise to
AW> powerful centrifugal forces that have a logic of their own.

  I think the opposite is true. Saddam Hussein's main crime was to  
divide the Iraqi nation and to weaken Iraq's defenses against  
imperialist aggression.

  His regime created centrifugal forces among the Iraqi nation, which  
made the conquest by the US invaders possible in the first place.

  His removal removes the obstacle between the Iraqi nation and  
imperialism, and helps to unite the Iraqi nation to confront the  
foreign occupier.

  This is being shown these days when the dreams of the imperialist  
pundits about a civil war between Shia and Sunni Arabs turn into thin  
air, and even the the Kurds start thinking why they have less say over  
their affairs than in the 1990ies, when Saddam Hussein was in control  
in Baghdad and their tribal militias in their areas, with no foreign  
troops interfering.

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