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Steve Gabosch bebop101 at comcast.net
Fri Apr 9 17:04:24 MDT 2004

There are a number of reasons I have been enjoying being on marxmail these 
past several months.  Reading posts such as the one by Louis below is one 
of them.  He packs many big ideas in a few succinct sentences of 
revolutionary wisdom.

I will be out of town and off-line for a while.  See you all later.

In solidarity,
- Steve

At 03:51 PM 4/9/2004 -0400, you wrote:

>>Didn't Marx (perhaps "celebrate" is too categorical a word) generally think
>>that the settlement of the American West was a Good Thing?   I mean, 
>>societies were for the most part fairly brutish nomenclatures, weren't they?
>You might be surprised to learn that Marx and Engels thought very highly 
>of the Iroquois confederacy, as did Benjamin Franklin, who incorporated 
>many of its features into proposals for the new American state. 
>Furthermore, the only "Good Thing" noted by Karl Marx in the USA in this 
>period was the abolitionist movement. He never regarded industrialization, 
>mechanization and all the other byproducts of primitive accumulation as an 
>end in themselves. He only saw them as preconditions for socialism. 
>Finally, while we should never idealize American Indians, they were 
>primitive communists and had more respect for elders, children and nature 
>than found in any capitalist society. They were constrained by a low level 
>of labor productivity, but their ethos is one that future socialist 
>societies would do well to aspire to.
>Louis Proyect
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