[Marxism] Kucinich takes a more nuanced position on Iraq withdrawal

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Fri Apr 9 21:41:02 MDT 2004

The Democratic Party leadership seems to be feeling the pull. In the last
week, presumptive nominee John Kerry has made more and more statements
advocating internationalizing the Iraq effort, calling for the US-led
Coalition Provisional Authority to hand over responsibility for
reconstruction and establishing a new government to "a legitimate
international entity." [quotes in original]

[Sign our petition to "Bring the U.N. in and get the U.S. out":
Tell the Democratic Party:
We Want U.S. Troops out of Iraq    Petitions since March 25: 840   

I, the undersigned, approve these policies to increase U.S. security at home
and abroad:

*    UN to rotate peacekeeping troops into Iraq, allowing all U.S. troops to
return home
*    U.S. to renounce any plans to privatize Iraq
*    UN to manage the oil assets of Iraq until the Iraqi people are
*    UN to handle all contracts, and award them under transparent conditions
*    UN to handle the transition to Iraqi self-governance
*    UN to help the Iraqi people develop a Constitution
*    UN to assist the Iraqi people in holding free and fair elections
*    U.S. to contribute financially to UN peacekeeping mission,
reconstruction, and reparations
*    U.S. to abandon policies of "preemption" and unilateralism and commit
to strengthening the UN

I urge Democrats to make this resolution a plank in the 2004 party platform.
forwarded from Brian Shannon

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