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Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Sat Apr 10 00:31:37 MDT 2004

11 April 2004
Federation of Irish Republican Socialist Committees Abroad

Easter Message

Comrades and friends:

The members of the Federation of Irish Republican Socialist Committees
Abroad send greetings of solidarity to the comrades of the Irish
Republican Socialist Party, the volunteers of the Irish National
Liberation Army, and the prisoners of war of the Irish Republican
Socialist Movement.

At Easter we are mindful of the martyrs who have fallen in pursuit of
national liberation and socialism in Ireland, and so we cannot avoid
sadness in reflecting on the loss suffered by our struggle through
their deaths and the sorrow of their comrades, families, friends, and
loved ones. However, we choose not to dwell on this loss, but instead
to take renewed inspiration from their example.

These are exciting times to be an Irish Republican Socialist. Our
movement has grown in size, strength, and influence. This growth is
reflected in the expanded support for the IRSM internationally, with
new chapters established in North America and Europe and new
supporters continuously being gathered in Australia, New Zealand,
Latin America, Africa, and Asia. It has also been reflected in the
IRSP's participation in the Anti-Imperialist Camp, a republican
socialist event in Wales, African Liberation Day events, and the
Black Cross political prisoners conference in the United States last
year; as well as providing a speaker at an event associated with the
recent conference of the Scottish Socialist Party just last month. It
has also been reflected in the IRSP's increased participation in
events opposing the use of Shannon Airport by US military aircraft,
the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and through the expanding of
international relations with revolutionary socialist and anti-
imperialist organisations throughout the world.

We applaud the IRSP's preparation for a series of new and vigorous
campaigns that will provide a model for revolutionary struggle for the
whole of the Irish working class. We are proud that the IRSP has
reasserted its commitment to a revolutionary course and rejected the
siren song of reformism that has caused the downfall of so many
revolutionary organisations in Ireland in the past. The members of
FIRSCA, your comrades abroad, renew our own commitment to supporting
the IRSP in upholding a revolutionary tradition in its struggle for
national liberation and socialism in Ireland.

Nothing less than a 32-county Irish workers' republic will serve as a
fitting tribute to the sacrifice of our movement's martyrs and to all
those who have died, suffered incarceration, and endured repression
and abuse in pursuit of the self-liberation of the working people of
Ireland. It is our pledge to continue our own efforts to make
attaining this goal a reality.

It is the working class that has plowed the soil, built the cities,
dug the mines, erected the factories, laid the roads, navigated the
seas, in short created all of the wealth of society today. It is
we, the working class, who enable every wheel to turn, every obstacle
to be surmounted, every advance to be made. It is long past due that
we should claim for our own these things we ourselves have created.
It is long past time that we should be the authors of our own destiny.

Forward to the Workers' Republic, comrades!


Federation of Irish Republican Socialist Committees Abroad

Irish Republican Socialist Movement

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