[Marxism] Marxism & America

Steven Zangetsu at iafrica.com
Sat Apr 10 04:31:19 MDT 2004

I must say, I do not have the broadest knowledge, but I will offer some of my thoughts so that I may see more into the issues they raise.


I don't think America will change itself. Much like one might have considered Nazi Germany unable to revert to democracy and ouster Hitler itself without outside intervention. In the end, the cultures in both situations amount to the same grip on their status quos. We might win the minds of the mass population In America, but there is no will behind the realizations we offer. Empathy runs dry in the reactionary culture that has been so deviously cultivated in America. Why would someone want the knowledge that they have perpetuated poverty in Africa?  How shall we sell this guilt, perhaps guilt is not the right word, what is important however is that denial is what my conversing with such people results in. Perhaps they accept this and don't care. I have spoken to some who even blatantly tell me about the law of the jungle among nations, not to mention the majority I suspect to silently hold the same notion. And how can we get them off the drug of consumerism, the people who work just to buy, how can we take away what is the only driving force in their toils, what they sit through 9 to 5 for; or perhaps I have a too stereotyped idea of America's middle class from Sex and the City.


I must ask you, do you really see the left winning in America. As times get harder, will their minds not become more fixed. I see the makings of a Nazi Germany, not a Socialist State. I must say, I think the end is better served by trying to cripple and defeat America, crush their Nationalist pride. I fear that we may have to destroy and rebuild, sometimes reform is impossible without certain foundations being uprooted.


As Marxists I think we are called to see the truth, not what is convenient to think. This Theory began by predicting the fall of capitalism above the guise of the current time and thought. Let us do the same, can we throw away presumption that we live in a new age of enlightenment and talk, and work with reality. Perhaps it's just my militaristic tendencies, but I think I see some denial here. We might have democracy on the outside, but on the inside nations rape other countries daily, we are not out of the dark ages yet, can we think out of the "lets educate them" box long enough to see what is best to do, for all.


In every other aspect America seems like a wonderful place for a socialist, it has the material requirements for communism to work. Let this not blind us from some very disheartening realizations.




Well, I must say also; that is just what I currently think and I did not start as a Militarist either. I was a democratic 'Socialist', I said look at Britain, isn't that kool!(oh how people evolve J)~ I am 17, but my beginning thought was not 'lets go blow stuff up for communism'. I am trying to get to real conclusions. 

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