[Marxism] Marching on Karbala

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Sat Apr 10 06:40:58 MDT 2004

Today’s The Age (Melbourne) reports surging support for Moqtada al-Sadr
among the millions of pilgrims converging on Karbala for the Shia holiday of
al-Arbaeen, which it sees as a reprieve before an assault by US forces.

The paper’s Baghdad correspondent Paul McGeough was “staggered” by the
numbers supporting Sadr who “is tapping a deep pool of resentment at the
occupation”, and surprised by the enthusiasm expressed for his pursuit of an
alliance with the Sunnis.

(He deems the latter “improbable” and “Machiavellian” - a common prejudice
of foreign observers, promoted by occupation authorities, that outside
intercession is needed to keep the two communities from fighting with each
other like squabbling children.)

McGeough cites among the examples of cooperation combined Shia-Sunni
military operations and a joint meeting “with Palestinians offering guidance
on how to run a long-term resistance campaign.”

A companion piece by the Age’s Washington correspondent Marian Wilkinson
suggests the US moved against Sadr because of his approaches to the Sunni
clerics, but that it is trying to defuse the uprising through the UN.

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