[Marxism] The Kind of Editorial "The Militant" Used to Print But Doesn't Anymore

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Sat Apr 10 08:35:16 MDT 2004

Support the Iraqi resistance. Australian troops out of Iraq.
By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia)
10 April 2004

The Socialist Equality Party in Australia calls on all working people, 
students and professional people to demonstrate against the criminal 
blood-letting being conducted against the Iraqi people by the US-led 
occupying forces and to demand the immediate withdrawal of all Australian 
forces from Iraq.

The working class must come to the defence of the Iraqi masses, whose 
legitimate uprising against colonial oppression is being met with homicidal 
massacres across central and southern Iraq. The courageous and heroic 
house-to-house resistance being offered by the Iraqi people in Fallujah and 
other cities, against the world’s largest and most 
technologically-sophisticated military force, has already shattered the myth 
of American invincibility.

In retaliation, a crime of monstrous proportions is being carried out: 
residential areas and even mosques are being bombed, homes and crowded 
streets strafed, and thousands of Iraqi men, women and children killed or 

Those responsible are nothing but mass murderers and war criminals. This 
includes not just the Bush and Blair governments, but their allies in the 
Australian political establishment. Anyone who seeks to justify this 
barbaric slaughter in the name of delivering “freedom” and “democracy” to 
the Iraqi people, is beyond the pale.

This is a popular rebellion by the poorest and most oppressed layers of 
Iraqi society. Amid growing reports of solidarity between the Sunni uprising 
in central Iraq and the Shiite insurrection in Baghdad and the south, the 
underlying class basis of this movement has come to the fore. “This is an 
army of the dispossessed,” observed Joost Hiltermann of the International 
Crisis Group. “It’s a class thing, not just an ethnic and religious divide.”

The uprising is directed against an occupying army sent to take over Iraq, 
impose US rule and install a Quisling government to implement the plundering 
interests of the American corporate elite—above all to grab control of the 
Iraqi oilfields. The nation-wide revolt is a staggering blow to the Bush 
administration and its plans to establish unchallenged US military and 
economic hegemony over the entire Middle East and Central Asia.....

More At: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2004/apr2004/aust-a10.shtml

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