[Marxism] Re: Help on Hitchens (or Ignatieff) on railroad and indian geno...

RWRAINEY5 at aol.com RWRAINEY5 at aol.com
Sat Apr 10 09:26:52 MDT 2004

Well, there was an unmistakable romanticism where Amerindians and liberal 
Victorians were concerned.    The highly idealized portraits of the Iroquois or 
the Sioux by writers like Morgan or Helen Hunt Jackson were hardly a sound 
basis for extrapolating generalities concerning Native American life.  

Franklin's views of the Indian, like his views of the African Negro, were 
patronizing and racist.  And it is simply wrong to ascribe unsullied 
egalitarianism to societies at such low levels of development.    Mussolini, we are told,  
was an admirer of such native warrior societies as the Cheyenne.  Native 
Americans, surely, are all things to all people.


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