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Their Victory Is a Victory for Us: Support the Iraqi Resistance
by Jay Moore
April 9, 2004

The heroic defense of Falluja by the Iraqi Resistance may go down in the
history books as the turning point not only in the liberation of Iraq but
also in the global struggle against revanchist U.S. imperialism. It may turn
out to be what the siege of Stalingrad was for the Nazis, where one of whose
best-trained and equipped armies failed to survive the harsh Russian winter
and the tenacity of the Soviet people fighting for their socialist homeland.
Indeed, it looks like it's going to be a long hot summer for the United
States and its dwindling number of "allies" in Iraq -- if they make it that
long. One year after the invasion, mass uprisings are taking place across
the country from north to south and east to west, definitively putting the
lie to the assertions by the Bush gang that the U.S. was going into Iraq in
order to help the Iraqi people and that the troops would be received as
"liberators". What bullshit! Turn on your TV now.

Are they going to maintain that millions of Iraqis who are demanding that
the U.S. get the fuck out of their country, who have seen through the scam
and are not waiting for a token June handover of power to a select group of
quislings but are taking real power themselves, are all "terrorists"? What
are they going to do? Are they going to try to carpet bomb whole rebel
cities like Falluja into submission? Perhaps so. The U.S. military and
political establishment tried to do it before in Vietnam. The signs are
ominous. In Falluja, they are using F-16's with cluster bombs; they have
attacked hospitals and mosques and killed hundreds of civilians already.
More soldiers are being brought in country. The Bush gang, already beset by
defections and contradictions, knows that its fate hangs on what happens in

But, as with Vietnam, the imperialists will never succeed in imposing their
will on a proud and politically aware people who know what the U.S. is
really there for, namely to seize the oil and for propping up Israel. They
will only succeed in creating more angry insurgents in Iraq. More and more
opposition will grow in countries around the world, where the U.S. is
already widely scorned and hated. And the chickens will surely come home to
roost right here in the United States with more and more social tumult being
inevitable. The upheavals of the Sixties will look like a picnic if they
keep on escalating this immoral and illegal war. I say to you bastards in
power, cut your losses and get out of Iraq before it's too late. Bring the
troops home before they rebel. This will come back to you, sooner rather
than later.

Many of our well-meaning liberal friends are advocating the intervention of
the United Nations. To save the day for what? For imperialism under another
flag? The United Nations did nothing substantial, after expelling a lot of
hot air, to stop this aggression against a sovereign country in the first
place. Moreover, it was the instrument for a decade by which the U.S. waged
war with economic sanctions against Iraq, a war that resulted in the deaths
of thousands of people. How can it possibly have any credibility in Iraq?
Why, pray tell, does it have any credibility with you? The UN has only on
rare instances acted according to its founding articles for peace and
international understanding. From the Korean War through Vietnam to the
present, it has mainly served as an instrument through the Security Council
for the "Great Powers", especially the United States, to manage "crises",
i.e., popular struggles. Alternatives to the UN -- ones that are truly
internationalist and genuinely democratic -- such as the World Social Forums
are emerging today.

The antiwar movement should come out in support of the Iraqi Resistance.
Yes, I know it is composed of many factions, not all of them compatible with
progressive stances on important social issues such as women's rights. But
the main enemy of the world's people at this point in time is U.S.
imperialism. They are the Nazis of the present day, with equally arrogant
aspirations - whether under Bush's naked fist or Kerry's more gloved
approach - to dominate the world and, in their case, to extend their
military intimidation against those who might dare to lift up their heads to
oppose them even into the "high ground" of outer space. Frankly speaking, a
good ass-kicking defeat for them in Iraq, another tail-between-the-legs pull
out as happened in Vietnam, would be a victory for the people of Palestine,
the people of Venezuela, the people of Colombia, the people of Cuba, the
people of the Philippines, the people of Korea, all those Third World people
who want their freedom from capitalist exploitation - and ultimately for the
working people of the United States and other more "developed" countries. We
should welcome it and do whatever we can to help it.

I was one of those "traitorous" Americans at the time of the Vietnam War who
tried to uphold more universal moral principles than my country right or
wrong. I was angry at the crimes of the nation-state I happened to be born
in. I cheered when the heroic Vietnamese finally drove the murderous U.S.
legions and bombers out of their beautiful land. I'm angry again now, and
I'm in solidarity with a fight for national liberation and cheering "the
 enemy" all over again .

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