[Marxism] Democrats call for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Sat Apr 10 20:57:02 MDT 2004

Lou Paulsen:: Marvin, after reading what you have said, I now conclude that
you vastly understate the case when you say that I know the DP better than
you.  I now conclude that you don't know what the Democratic Party in the US
is like AT ALL.  It is as if I were arguing with you about the Toronto Blue
Jays and then you found out that I thought they were actually blue-and-white
insectivorous birds.  I'm not angry with you about this though.  I can
forgive ignorance.

Lou Proyect: Yes, but your "position" has nothing to do with Marxism. It is
the same tired line we get from Joel Wendland, a CP leader on PEN-L. It is,
as Mike Davis put it in the scanned excerpt from "Prisoners of the American
Dream", the analysis of Dissent Magazine, the late Michael Harrington and
Irving Howe et al who convinced 60s radicals that their home was in the
Democratic Party. If there was an openness to those ideas here, we'd all
join you on Leo Casey's list where all the rest of the trade union piecards,
red-baiters and Cruise Missile leftists reside. The interesting thing about
you, Marv, is that despite your "broad left" reformist appetites, you have
the same stubborn sectarian mentality of every small group and individual
that is driven to convert radicals who disagree with them.


Relax, guys. The election doesn't hinge on this discussion, and I'm not out
to "convert" you.

Marv G

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