[Marxism] Please comment on: Sweezy signed the infamous 1937 statement defending the Moscow trials

H. Rakovsky rakovsky at excite.com
Sat Apr 10 22:01:39 MDT 2004

Dear Marxmail guys,
Please make some comment. I like Monthly review and Paul Sweezy.
What is Howe's criticism of Sweezy?
Please advise,
Hal Smith

How could Sweezy have read Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution and then sign the infamous 1937 statement to American progressives defending the Moscow trials? I am more inclined to be critical of fellow travellers than CP members like Dobb or Ronald Meek who were at least consistent. Irving Howe's critique of Sweezy in 'Authoritarians of the Left" still stacks up fairly well as do Joseph Starobin's comments in American Communism in Crisis.

Dr Geoff Robinson
Lecturer Australian Studies & Politics
Faculty of Arts
Deakin University

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