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>From the World Socialist Web Site:

Bush invokes anti-union Taft-Hartley law against West Coast longshoremen
By Rafael Azul
10 October 2002
 "Bush's union-busting operation, with the acquiescence of the Democratic
Party, exposes the bankruptcy of the perspective of the ILWU leadership and
the AFL-CIO as a whole. Throughout the contract impasse, the ILWU has sought
to avoid a confrontation and offered huge concessions in an attempt to
conciliate the PMA. Months ago the union agreed in principle to the
elimination of one thousand jobs.
The ILWU has sought to draw the line on the question of union jurisdiction
over newly created data entry positions. Consistent with the basic modus
operandi of the trade union bureaucracy, the ILWU leadership is prepared to
accept ever greater attacks on the rank and file, while balking at those
management demands that touch most directly on its own interests, i.e.,
those that threaten its position within the existing corporatist
relationship between union and management.

At no point has the ILWU attempted to mobilize the active support of broad
sections of workers in defense of the dockworkers. It has never seriously
threatened to strike. Instead, its orientation has been to appeal to the
Democratic Party as a supposed counterweight to the shippers and the Bush

The response of the Democrats to Bush's union-busting intervention clearly
demonstrates the dead end of this reliance on the Democratic Party, and the
falsity of the claim that the Democrats represent the interests of the
working class."

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