[Marxism] ILWU leadership and Clarence Thomas???

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Walter Lippmann wrote:

> James Spinosa is the Secretary-Treasurer of 
> the ILWU. Spinosa is heads the international
> union. Clarence Thomas, whatever position he
> may hold in ILWU Local 10, is not, however,
> the "Secretary-Treasurer of the ILWU". Also,
> NBC, whose article on this I linked, wrote:
> "Clarence Thomas, an ILWU Local 10 delegate
> to a labor group that visited Iraq last year, 
> said, "This is about homeland security -- 
> the government wants to go after your civil 
> rights and labor rights."
> Clarence Thomas is NOT secretary-treasurer
> of Local 10, according to the ILWU's site:
> http://www.ilwu.org/new_directory.htm#10 
> Walter
> =========================================
> Where does it say that he is not? 
> Do a google search on him. Clarence Thomas
> is THE Secretary-Treasurer of ILWU-Local 10. 
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