[Marxism] The "fifth plane": rumor or a "torrent of intelligence"

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Sun Apr 11 11:16:21 MDT 2004

I have been tracking this story ever since the development in the Zaccarias
Moussaoui case wherein federal prosecutors accused him of being involved in
a fifth plane that was to be used on 9/11. On that day, there were many
stories about a fifth plane. Subsequently, it was treated as a rumor.

However, if it was based on government sources, it would seem that there was
prior governmental knowledge of the use of five planes against U.S. targets

Of course, the case against Moussaoui could be based on information
developed post 9/11.

Here is an interesting comment in what is otherwise a standard article on
NORAD and the pilots who work for it. It scotches the idea that the "fifth
plane" chatter was just a rumor:

"We didn't know that until we got all the planes on the ground. There were
many of us who believed anecdotally there was at least one more plane that
would be hijacked," Martin said. Theories of a fifth plane were based on the
torrent of intelligence pouring in from the FBI, CIA and other sources.


from Brian Shannon

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