[Marxism] Technical request/suggestion for the Marxism list

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 11 12:06:35 MDT 2004

A request for Louis and Les,

Because so much discussion takes place on the Marxism
list on a range of not-necessarily-connected topics,
the need to refer back to previous materials that are
being discussed is important and helpful.

When I send materials to the Yahoo groups I'm active
on, either as a moderator or participant, as soon as
the articles are sent out, they receive a permanent
web-address and one can simply send a link to anyone
who wants to read something in particular.

On Marxmail, that doesn't happen until the article
becomes over 100 back. Is there a way to format it 
so that, once the message is sent out to the list 
it has its own web-address, and one doesn't have to
wait until a hundred messages are posted?

Here's the last message I posted to CubaNews list:


Walter Lippmann

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