[Marxism] Hungary 1956

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Mon Apr 12 05:42:33 MDT 2004

H. Rakovsky wrote:
> WOW. To simplify:
> fascist porgrom: bad
> capitalist restoration: bad
> workers' revolt: good
> If it turns out that a nazi says the uprising was fascist, and the Communists say it was fascist, there are two good pieces of evidence.
> now we know:
> Western press: "democratic uprising"
> nonCommunist Socialists: anarcho-syndicalism/ worker control.
> Communists AND Nazis: fascist uprising.
My political tendency (the IST) regards itself as being in the tradition 
of teh early Communist International but anti-Stalinist. We viewed and 
still view the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 as being a workers' revolution 
suppressed by the Stalinists. the Western Powers used the uprising for 
their own propaganda purposes, but provided no logistic support of any 
kind, precisely because they had as little interest in a successful 
workers' uporising as the Stalinists.

I think the definitive contemporary report is Peter Fryer's Hungaqrian 
Tragedy. Fryer was a convinced Stalinist and Budapest correspondent of 
the British CP daily, The Daily Worker. On teh basis of his immediate 
experience in Hungary he came to the conclusion that it was a workers' 
Uprising and not an attempted fascist coup. He left the British CP 
because it refused to publish his reports. He remains a committed socialist.

Einde O'Callaghan

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