[Marxism] Re: US Militant ... "the seventh war from now"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 12 09:03:14 MDT 2004

lshan at bcn.net wrote:
> Today it takes the same abstentionist position and theoretical justification
> for it that once was proposed by Paul Booth regarding the Vietnam antiwar
> movement. Ironically, it was the opposite of this position that brought the
> present SWP leaders to the fore (although, in truth, most have left). Talk
> about a bird that fowls its own nest.

But to give the devil his due, SDS chapters on the local level continued 
to engage in antiwar activity, particularly militant actions on campus. 
Their abstentionism was a function of their youthful inexperience. As 
was amply demonstrated in the documentaries on SDS 
they became frustrated after participating in antiwar demonstrations 
that failed to end the war in its tracks. If marching peacefully would 
not do it, then breaking windows might.

What is the SWP's excuse? Youthful inexperience? Most of the leaders are 
even longer in the tooth than me.


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