[Marxism] Sexual assault and military leadership -- building "men"

lshan at bcn.net lshan at bcn.net
Mon Apr 12 17:58:03 MDT 2004

We have all heard how military service is supposed to turn boys into men and
build leadership.

Here's an example of military leadership. If this is how the military
responds to known cases of assault by soldiers under their control, imagine
their response to offenses carried out against Iraqi citizens.


U.S. soldiers accused of rape and other sex crimes while serving in Iraq
routinely dodged prosecution during the last year with the help of
commanders who gave them light punishments such as reprimands and pay cuts,
according to military records released to the Denver Post.
. . .
The newly released files were mostly truncated case files, containing
blacked-out names of accused soldiers, investigators and commanders who
issued disciplines.

Not all cases were soldier-on-soldier assaults.

In one investigation, three Fort Bragg soldiers with the 519th military
intelligence battalion were accused of assaulting an Iraqi woman held in the
Abu Ghraib prison. Though no details were provided, the report notes that
the enlisted men were each fined at least $500 and demoted in rank.

Another case involving an assault on an Iraqi citizen led to a six-year
prison sentence for a 4th Infantry Division soldier. He was found guilty by
court martial of repeatedly molesting an Iraqi boy in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Such convictions were rare, even for those believed to have committed
multiple offenses. Several soldiers who avoided prosecution faced more than
one sex-assault allegation or were suspected of assaulting more than one

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