[Marxism] RE: Marxism Digest, Vol 6, Issue 40

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Apr 12 19:12:02 MDT 2004

Walter wrote:
>This means that only selling copies of the Arabic edition 
of THE MILITANT, outside the garment shops and meatpacking 
plants in places like Fallujah and Baghdad are allowed.

Walter, I think you might be over-generous to these idiotic American
chauvinists.  If they get people in Sweden and Iceland to sell (increasingly
misnamed) 'Militant' in English, then any supporters in Iraq would have be
selling an English-language edition as well.

Goddam, there would be no concessions to Iraqi chauvinism and vulgar
anti-Americanism by producing anything in Arabic.  Only vulgar anti-American
demagogues can't speak English!

I wonder if the outburst of obviously very sizeable resistance within Iraq
will at all shake up the membership of this strange wee group.  Barnes has
been proven wrong (yet again).  (Has the man been right about anything
substantial in the last 30 years?)

But, no doubt, the 'Militant' will counsel the Iraqi people to abandon armed
resistance and merely concentrate on harmlessly using the 'civic space'
opened up by Washington's kind 'soft protectorate'.  You know, so they can
become mere harmless sellers of radical books, the niche market of the
business enterprise for some reason still known as the US SWP.

Philip Ferguson

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