[Marxism] report on anti-Semitism in Egyptian society

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Tue Apr 13 20:36:51 MDT 2004


For an example of how homophobia can be used to buttress anti-Semitism, take 
a look (if your stomach can stand it) at the cartoon showing Hitler and Sharon 
in an intimate embrace; which is, aside from the inherent anti-Semitism; a 
form of Holocaust denial; in that it trivializes and erases the reality of Nazi 
oppression of homosexuals, and mines indigenous homophobia as an incitement to 
hatred against both Jews and gays. 

Interesting too that Amnesty International and other human rights 
organizations recently criticized a series of disgraceful show trials in which groups of 
Egyptian gay men were rounded up, tortured in prison, and (in one case I saw 
on French news media) displayed in cages in the courtroom.

The Anti-Defamation League sponsored this report, so I should add that I'm 
not a member because I disagree with their views on Israel.  Nevertheless, I 
give credit where credit is due and they do an excellent job of tracking 
anti-Semitism in various foreign medias.

Many on the left are fond of saying that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.  
Well, as you read this report keep in mind that Mubarak is anti-Zionist and 
judge for yourself whether that statement is true for all forms of anti-Zionism. 
One analysis holds that these anti-gay trials are happening because Mubarak 
wants to appease Islamic fundamentalist clerics who are ardently homophobic, 
misogynist, anti-Zionist; and yes, anti-Semitic.


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