[Marxism] New Pentagon task: fighting Latin American "radical populism"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Apr 13 20:41:22 MDT 2004

MARCH 29 - APRIL 4, 2004


"Radical populism" joins drug trafficking, corruption and
organized crime as major threats facing Latin America,
according to General James T. Hill, head of the US
Southern Command.  
"These traditional threats are now
complemented by an emerging threat best described as
radical populism, in which the democratic process is
undermined to decrease rather than protect individual
rights," according to testimony by the General before the
House Armed Services Committee on March 24.  [The United States, the
"indispensable nation," is also the indispensable "individual" whose
"rights" in the Latin countries must be firmly respected.]
"Some leaders in the region are tapping into deep-seated frustrations of
the failure of democratic reforms to deliver expected
goods and services.  By tapping into these frustrations,
which run concurrently with frustrations caused by social
and economic inequality, the leaders are at the same time
able to reinforce their radical positions by inflaming
anti-U.S. sentiment. ... Anti-American sentiment has also
been used to reinforce the positions of radical leaders
who seek to distract the populace from their own
shortcomings. {It's not clear here whether he is referring to the
shortcomings of the "radical leaders" or of "the populace" -- probably
Anti-American sentiment also troubles our
partner nations as well, as elected leaders must take into
account the sometime very vocal views of their
constituents.  [Notice the tragic contradiction of democracy -- that
"elected leaders" have to consider the views of constituents.] The
threats and trends in the region paint
a negative picture in many regards and certainly bear
close scrutiny in the coming year.  We will maintain
vigilance.  We will also continue our work with partner
nations and the interagency to shore up stability and
promote increasing security cooperation."

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