[Marxism] If it's war you want, vote Kerry

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at theplanet.net.au
Tue Apr 13 22:36:41 MDT 2004

A couple of nights ago, Kristol (Weekly Standard) was interviewed on an Aus
current affairs show, lauded Kerry for promising to increase troop numbers
by 40,000, claimed 'the Defence Secretary' (ie his extremist mate Rumsfeld)
is trying to do Iraq 'on the cheap', claimed Bush did not have the skills to
sell the war properly, whereas Blair had put on a very good case, criticised
the failure of the administration to go in for the kill much more
drastically against Sadr and the Sunni resistance from the start - is there
any possibility that the 'intellectual' wing  of the neo-cons is about to
desert bumbling Bush and co and swing behind Kerry?

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If it's war you want, vote Kerry

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